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The incubator was the perfect mix of leadership development, business exploration, and relationship building.

Juan (Miami, FL)

Incubator 1.0 participant


The incubator is a 6-week leadership intensive for entrepreneurs interested in evolving the Community Purchasing Alliance Co-op model for their context. Through remote and in-person sessions, we dive deep into the business model logic and intuitions that inform how to organize groups of community institutions to actualize more of their values through their utilities, procurement, and facilities decision-making. In the process, participants will begin to build their local leadership teams, conduct feasibility study interviews, and plan lean implementation plans—all while gaining access and support from the leadership of CPA DC and support in fundraising.


The aim of the incubator is for the Community Cooperative to get into deeper relationship with organizers and entrepreneurs who might be able to build cooperatives in their region, creating a network of cooperatives around the country.

“I got the strong sense that we have absolutely everything we need in terms of knowledge, relationships, access, widom and vision in order to expand the reach of CPA [Community Purchasing Alliance].”

Yessica (Los Angeles, CA)

Incubator 1.0 participant

Cost & time commitment

The cost for participation is $1,500.00. Scholarships are available upon request.
Participating in the incubator requires about 10 hours per week. This is time spent on the participants' own personal leadership development through reading, writing, relating, and reflecting.

Who participates

The Community Cooperative is looking for people who really want to see a CPA or similar cooperatives in their community, from Baltimore to Detroit to Denver to Los Angeles to everywhere in between. Participants should have a deep motivation and passion for the work and proven track record of delivering results.

“Thank you, Felipe for creating such an amazing model and for allowing us to get a better see, taste, and feel for the energy and reality of CPA [the Community Purchasing Alliance].”

Michelle (Denver, CO)

Incubator 1.0 participant

Ready to catalyze change?

If you're interested in joining the next incubator, shoot us an email and join us for an upcoming event to learn more.

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