Five years ago, a group of entrepreneurs started an organization in Washington, D.C. to change the way that houses of worship and schools purchased energy. Together, these entities formed a purchasing cooperative. It was a simple, and yet revolutionary, idea. As a cooperative, the houses of worship and schools were stronger together than any individual entity on its own. Leveraging this combined purchasing power, the cooperative secured dramatic energy savings for its members while also switching members to renewable energy sources. It was a major success.

In 2019, the Community Cooperative formed to take the lessons from the Community Purchasing Alliance in Washington, D.C. and expand. We are excited to partner with communities to create new cooperatives around the country as well as deepen the relationships in our existing cooperatives.

We bring together communities of entrepreneurs to actualize projects that embody new economic praxis. 

Our Mission

We bring together communities of entrepreneurs by

  • curating and synthesizing insights from diverse teachers (including Seth Godin, Adrienne Maree Brown, and Marshall Ganz)

  • facilitating valuable group conversations through workshops, strategy sessions, cohort learning experiences, peer learning, and leadership coaching.


Together, we...

  • create alternatives to mainstream procurement, facilities management, investing, finance, real estate, (particularly for religious, educational and other types of community institutions)

  • invest in projects that have significant promise for self-sustaining business/revenue models and important work for racial, environmental, and/or economic justice

  • renew & reinvigorate large institutions to re-animate their mission in the context of the new signs of the times

  • advance the field of new economic thinking and practice with the integration of heterodox economics into religious institutions, social movements, and businesses

Community Cooperative

A 501c3 that is actualizing local communities to revolutionize the global economy



Community Cooperative 
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